Laying a Foundation

We recognize that every organization and individual begins in a different place on their equity journey. We strive to meet you where you are at, and collectively move the needle forward. Before any working sessions begin, we will meet with you for a free consultation to better understand your goals and determine how we can best serve your needs. We believe building trust and empathy with each client is an essential foundation to diversity, equity and inclusion work. 

Identifying Obstacles, Setting Goals to Overcome

The next step involves us better understanding the unique challenges present at your organization and collaborating on goals and solutions. Some common scenarios we see in our clients include:

  • Committing to the value of equity but don’t know how to make it real
  • Needing help recruiting and retaining diverse talent in a tight job market
  • Identifying gaps that need to be addressed to stay competitive in their field
  • Needing help resolving a contentious staff issue
  • Wanting to be more inclusive in their programming
  • Aspiring to be perceived as more welcoming
  • Facing a cultural clash in their organization

We will craft custom solutions for you and your group that are tailored through the lens of your industry, employee demographics and timelines.

A Proven Model

Our equity innovation model is built on four tenets: Shared Vision, Shared Practices, Shared Solutions and Shared Outcomes

  • Shared Vision: Building connections and collaboration among peers from different cultural backgrounds through shared vision and goals.
  • Shared Practices: Increasing cultural competency and awareness through collective experiences and practices that are rooted in learning and growth.
  • Shared Solutions: Giving everyone a seat at the table to determine how to accelerate change and build a more equitable culture.
  • Shared Outcomes: Collective investment and commitment towards positively progressing along the Equity Progress CurveTM