As part of the UnitedHealth Group Equity Innovation Center, the Experience serves as a catalyst to engage the mind on equity, diversity, inclusion and global realities.


The Experience will provide a unique transformation where participants will be able to see life from another’s point of view. In order for organizations to better serve their communities or reach their customer appropriately, organizations should be able to understand the life path of their target audience.


  • Create safe, collaborative and innovative experiences where different communities participate in problem solving and shaping their own future
  • Evoke innovative social solutions to transform communities
  • Generate life-transforming experiences that lead to a deeper understanding of self and others 
  • Develop constructive discourse insights into social challenges
  • Increase cultural competence in individuals and organizations that provoke action-yielding, positive impact within and among diverse communities
  • Offer a space for communities to advance social inclusion and equity
  • Create a paradigm shift in all sectors for unpacking bias around race, gender and ethnicity


  • Participate in a life-altering and visceral experience
  • Be transformed and inspire actions to solve problems in a novel way and spark internal re-evaluation
  • Have a positive cognitive reaction and come up with scalable social change solutions

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