A workshop experience designed to foster authentic engagement within communities.

We will work with your schedule to create a customized learning experience for your group.

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The YMCA has a storied history as a convener for our communities. We believe tight-knit communities begin with shared experiences - whether it's sharing a pot of fresh coffee in the lobby, sweating together in a group exercise class, or helping families new to the area or the country feel welcome and meet their neighbors. 

Now, perhaps more than ever, our community is in need again. The YMCA is ready and prepared to answer the call - but we cannot do it alone. 

The Equity Innovation Lab is a mobile "think tank" framework designed to empower community members as they work to identify ways to increase opportunities, remove barriers and create equity within their neighborhood or cultural group.

How it Works

Across the Twin Cities, every neighborhood is unique and faces a different set of challenges. Our facilitators will partner with you and your group to brainstorm, implement and measure community initiatives designed to reduce inequities affecting your community. 

This workshop series is broken out into 5 sessions. It can be facilitated in person or virtually. 

  • Empathize: deep dive into the strengths, opportunities and inequities present in your community
  • Define: clearly identify the problem we want to solve
  • Brainstorm: collect and evaluate ideas on how to solve the problem
  • Prototype: create a model of how the solution(s) will work
  • Test: implement the solution(s) and measure the outcomes




At the end of the workshop series, your group will have a clear understanding of the problem(s) currently affecting your community, actionable models to address/solve the problem(s) and a roadmap for how to measure and calibrate initial results to keep your community moving forward. 

Additional skills your group will learn include:

  • Mapping Opportunities: how to identify key priorities to address local community concerns
  • Brainstorming: how to develop innovative solutions to unique problems
  • Building Collaborative Capacity: how to work together towards common goals
  • Fostering Networking: how to create opportunities for individuals to meet who share similar passions and interests
  • Generating Action: how to convert ideas into actionable goals that can be implemented and measured

Let's Get Started

Due to the highly specialized nature of this series, please contact us to get started. We will work hard to identify the best facilitators for your group's needs.