The Youth Equity Survey helps organizations determine how youth programs offered impact young people.


  • Awareness: To assess their current organizational strengths, weaknesses and priorities in supporting diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Action: To evaluate the degree to which youth feel that their youth organization is helping them to develop these capabilities

Data Output

Organizations that take the Youth Equity Survey will receive data around each of these issues:

  • Leadership 
  • Social Competence
  • Positive Identity
  • Cross Cultural Competence
  • Strengths-Finding
  • Growth Mindset

Support Materials Available

  • Survey: Online survey available on computers, iPads and smart phones
  • Implementation: A how-to-guide for implementing the survey in the organization
  • Orientation: Presentation to orient survey participants on the purpose and logistics of the Social Responsibility Assessment
  • Debrief: Guide to processing the data and converting the lessons into action

What All Youth Need to Thrive

  • Agency: Youth’s belief in themselves as leaders and changemakers
  • Connection: Youth’s ability to form and sustain healthy developmental relationships with others
  • Roots: Youth’s openness to explore, understand and integrate their culture, talents, passions, family and faith into a positive identity
  • Empathy: Youth’s comfortability and effectiveness in engaging people from diverse racial, ethnic, faith and cultural backgrounds
  • Passion: Youth’s ability to identify, grow and apply their unique passions and strengths
  • Resilience: Youth’s ability to embrace challenges and the belief that success comes from hard work and persistence when facing a setback 

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