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Tori Philippi

Words can not describe my story.

Henry Wasylik

Menogyn is a place unlike any other. It teaches you skills that you can’t learn from a online YouTube video, it reinforces the idea that working as a team will always get the job done, even when you are all exhausted and sweaty from a 300 rod portage, but most importantly, it gives you a sense of community, family. A place where you can go and feel safe and welcome, and be apart of a group, a team.

Before I had gone to camp Menogyn, I had already gone to two other sleep away camps. At both, I felt lonely beyond compare, and at both; I had a miserable time. Given my past experiences, I was nervous to try another sleep away camp, my fear of being alone almost overcame my decision to come to camp, but being as stubborn as I am, I chose to give it a try. Immediately when I arrived at camp, we began a large bag-chain down to the lake, passing each bag along for about 25 minutes. After which we split up into our groups for the week, I had Forest (the counselor, not the large area of grouped) trees). We Canoed across the lake in “la petite” and unloaded our stuff. After a quick tour of our cabin and a not-so quick orientation We began working. We practiced swamping and swimming, which was fun.

The rest of the day went very well, with an excellent trip out onto the water and an excellent dinner where all of the counselors yelled “I GOT A GROUP TODAY”... it was very loud.

At the end of the day, to my surprise, I was not homesick, not in the slightest. This came at a shock to me because I had always been homesick at other sleep away camps, And after each day progressed, I began to just feel safer and safer, (besides when my best friend “accidentally” tipped me out of our canoe on the second day). 

Camp Menogyn is a place where a homesick kid can go and have one hell of a time, make new friends (if Tyler and Josh ever read this, hi guys), and learn new skills. Camp Menogyn... is just totally epic