The Menogyn program has been carefully crafted to offer progressive challenge for teens. As campers return to Menogyn year after year, trips increase in difficulty, and campers build upon their wilderness and leadership skills.

Regardless of the length of trip, campers are involved in every aspect of their experience. Before going on trail, campers plan their meals, pack out their food, determine their route, and select their gear.  If they are newer to Menogyn, their guides will also teach them key skills like portaging and packing their backpacks. Once on trail, the entire group is responsible for a successful expedition. Everyone will carry gear across portages, cook their meals, and set up camp in the evening.  Upon their return to camp, Menogyn campers will help clean, repair, and put away their gear. 

Successfully completing a Menogyn trip, whether its canoeing, backpacking, or rock climbing, is worthy of celebration. Therefore, every session ends with a Banquet Celebration with delicious food and homemade bread!  

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