Gain Perspective from Dr. Hedy Lemar Walls

As we celebrate the Fourth of July and our freedom in the United States, we know in our equity work that we have neighbors and colleagues who face obstacles to enjoy the opportunities to experience all our country has to offer.  We know that system changes must happen to eradicate disparities.  Everyone in America should have the right if they want to get a college education, own a home, receive quality health care, love who they want, attain a good job and so much more. The freedom to choose is a gift – one that many times we take for granted.

In our equity journey we are encouraged to see the progress in our community and companies to make real change and create more opportunities for all to experience freedom.  It is up to us to continue to help all to feel welcome, to belong, and most importantly, to be free. 

Whether it is the Transformational Workplace Culture series, custom training, free online classes or more, the YMCA Equity Innovation Center is here for you to intentionally engage in thought-provoking experiences and resources that will expand your knowledge and skills.  We hope you will join us as you continue your equity journey.

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