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Gain Perspective from Dr. Hedy Lemar Walls

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving where we intentionally remember and count our blessings. In a time where we are still in midst of a pandemic affecting our way of life, it may be difficult to find what you are grateful for…but now more than ever we need to reflect on our lives.

I am thankful for my family, friends, colleagues and neighbors who provide me love and support. I am appreciative – and humbled - by the incredible health care professionals, scientists, educators, child care and front line workers, and many more who have selflessly cared for all of us and provided life-saving services, especially during the 19 or more months of COVID.

I am grateful for you, our clients and community partners, who are together advancing equity efforts so all can thrive in our communities and truly feel like everyone belongs. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to participate with you on your equity journey.

Whether it is the Equity Leadership Institute, Transformational Workplace Culture series, custom training, free online classes or more, the YMCA Equity Innovation Center of Excellence is here for you to intentionally engage in thought-provoking experiences and resources that will expand your knowledge and skills.  We hope you will join us as you continue your equity journey.

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