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Our beautiful diverse community commemorates many cultures and celebrations in September – Hindu Navratri, Jewish Rosh Hashanah, Hispanic Heritage Month and United States Labor Day.  We invite you to explore the resources below that offer info and insight to learn more about the importance of each of these observances.

Equity on the Move in the Y

As our Y gears up to support youth and families with the start of another school year, I am excited to share more about the opportunities we have discovered with our Beacons program. As you may know, Beacons delivers truly incredible results. Beacons youth attend school a week more a year than their peers and graduate high school at much higher rates.

Even with these proven results, we know the work is far from done as we seek to empower young people and eliminate barriers that limit their potential. We saw a need to support these amazing students after graduation from high school, surrounding them as they explore the next steps in their journey. At Beacons, we see the opportunity to continue to provide guidance on career and life choices.

Through out-of-the-box thinking and great community partners, we have created an extension or ‘next gen’ of the Beacons program that supports graduates as they pursue their dreams. Our Y team and community partners are committed to help young adults succeed academically, professionally and socially.

Please watch this video and discover how the Beacons program is evolving to further support young adults: YMCA Next Generation Beacons

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