The Mission Impact Council is a collection of community-focused organizations and leaders in the Twin Cities that recognize the power of working together. By pooling our unique talents, we can create a larger impact than any individual or organization could do alone.

Get involved with the Mission Impact Council

Our collective work supports:

  • Young people (ages 12-24) to develop into socially responsible, culturally competent leaders and employees.
  • Organizations to tap into resources that will help them assess and grow social responsibility toward economically disadvantaged and underserved young people.
  • The Twin Cities to overcome disparities and thrive as a metro region.

Since its inception in 2013, the council strives to create a greater future for our local communities by ensuring young people have access to opportunity and equity. To work toward this vision, we:

  1. Diversify and deepen community partnerships and collaboration.
  2. Amplify community voices.
  3. Build a common agenda for opportunity and equity.
  4. Provide tools organizations can use to assess their impact on youth.
  5. Support and spread organizational social responsibility.
  6. Deepen the capacity of organizations to innovate.
  7. Change mindsets.
  8. Advance understanding of diverse communities’ strengths and gaps.

Three organizations provide leadership and infrastructure to help further the efforts of the Mission Impact Council:

Membership is free and open to anyone in the Twin Cities interested in transforming our community and changing young lives.