The learning experience focuses on personal transformation in the development of cultural agility.

The YMCA of the North’s UnitedHealth Group Equity Leadership Institute provides the necessary experiences and skills for increasing awareness, empathy and understanding for interacting in diverse settings and communities. Its focus on personal transformation in the development of cultural agility.​

Virtual Sessions​

  1. Developing Cultural Agility​
  2. Understanding Diversity & Identity​
  3. Understanding Diversity & Cultural Norms​
  4. Implicit Bias & Microaggressions​
  5. Understanding Culture, History & Race​


Participants will be able to…​

  • Relate self-awareness to intercultural relationships ​
  • Apply strategies to create a positive environment that supports equity and inclusion ​
  • Use effective communications among diverse populations ​
  • Develop intercultural competencies related to age, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation ​

Dates & Times:

Please check back for future dates.