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Leading with Excellence and Equity is a two-part series designed to cultivate equity within your company or organization. Your cohort will progress through the curriculum together either virtually or in-person at our Equity Innovation Center of Excellence campus in downtown Minneapolis. 

Our process is both comprehensive and intensive - you can expect to engage with a wide variety of concepts, but will also explore topics on a deeper, more individual level. We believe this approach creates a unique learning experience. We will tailor each session to fit the lens of your cohort's background, goals and industry, while delivering more personalized outcomes for each unique participant.

SERIES I - Personal Transformation

The first series features 7 group sessions focusing on self-reflection and individual assessment. How have past experiences shaped who you are today? How do you interact with colleagues of different vs. shared backgrounds? This foundational series is an introduction to key diversity, inclusion and cultural competency topics.

Series I Outline
Each session is 2 hours in length unless otherwise specified.

  • Beginning the Journey (90 minutes, Intro Session)
  • Cultural Agility
  • Dimensions of Diversity and Culture
  • Movements & Moments
  • Mental Models and Bias
  • System of Racial Inequity
  • Systemic Racism

At the end of this series, you and your cohort will understand how systemic forces emerge and affect each of us - often with inequitable levels of impact.

SERIES II - Organizational Transformation

Our individual experiences throughout life mold and shape us into who we are today. But we are each part of bigger systems, which includes our workplace, our family and our community. Our second series builds upon learnings acquired in Series I. It expands the conversation from a focus on the individual, to a focus on changing corporate/organizational cultures to foster diversity, equity and inclusion.

Series II Outline
Each session is 2 hours in length unless otherwise specified.

  • Culture and Headlines
  • Cultural Agility II
  • Equity Progress Curve and The Change Process
  • Organizational Mental Models and Bias
  • Systems of Racial Inequity II
  • Systemic Racism II
  • Movements & Moments: Writing a New Story
  • Continuing the Journey (90 minutes, Reflection Session) 

At the end of this series, you and your cohort will be empowered to apply actionable, sustainable steps towards change at your organization. 

SERIES III - Systems Change 

This series supports leaders in identifying entrenched practices, cultural norms and decision-making structures that perpetuate inequities.

Series III outline
Each session is 2 hours in length unless otherwise specified.

  • Apply the Equity Progress Cycle™ to the organizational culture change    
  • Identify steps towards implementing change management    
  • Define systems change    
  • Recognize the six conditions of systems change  

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