Unlike most organizations focused on advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, we focus on fueling equity innovation for greater impact. By equity, we mean the ability to see and remove structural barriers in systems for people to create equal opportunity. By innovation, we mean fresh approaches and practices that positively impact the Equity Progress Curve.™


Where Do We Start?

We recognize that everyone is in a different place on their equity journey. We meet you where you are at. Some people may be reacting to what’s going on culturally and need a place to begin. Others have been doing equity work for a while and want to know what is working. Still others aspire to take their internal equity work to a broader audience.

What Issues Do We Address?

Quite often, groups or organizations come to us when they:

  • Commit to the value of equity but don’t know how to make it real
  • Need help recruiting and retaining diverse talent in a tight job market
  • Identify gaps that need to be addressed to stay competitive in their field
  • Need help resolving a contentious staff issue
  • Want to be more inclusive in their programming
  • Aspire to be perceived as more welcoming
  • Face a cultural clash in their organization

We help them work through these issues and so much more. The results are high-performing, culturally aligned organizations, healthy communities and systemic change for those most impacted by inequities.

To learn more, contact us.