Megan Holleran has been connected to YMCA Camp Widjiwagan since she was a teenager. She’d been a YMCA kid growing up, participating in sports, visiting local camps and volunteering for tree sale fundraisers. A family friend suggested she try Camp Widjiwagan, and she signed up for an introductory canoe trip. “I vividly remember sitting on the steps near the shores of Burntside Lake and being equal parts terrified about my adventure ahead, and thrilled because I knew right away that I had found my people,” she recalls.

On her first trip, Megan learned about the magic of camp – relying on everyone’s unique talents and gifts to conquer tasks with a team. She returned each summer, and in college she spent two years as a counselor. She treasured the opportunity to share the magic with her campers and help them find their strengths and passions.

Staying connected throughout the years has made a huge difference in Megan’s adult life. She currently serves on the Camp Widjiwagan board of directors – her goals are to help welcome new generations of campers to Widji, particularly campers from diverse backgrounds. The fierce sense of community support at camp continues to fuel her growth, and she loves spending time at camp watching counselors plan epic adventures with the next generation of leaders.

Megan shares: “I love hearing stories from today’s campers because it’s part of our common narrative that ties generations of our community together and tells our collective story. Hearing stories from young campers about summiting the top of windy mountain passes, or scurrying from the sauna to Burnside’s crisp, cool waters, takes me right back there with them no matter how old I am, feeling the wind on my face and the chill of the water. Once you’re part of the Widji community you never really leave. Widji people are the adventurous type, we scatter all over the globe – yet we find our way back to each other, and send the next generation of campers to Burntside Lake.”