Tips for enjoying the Fair without all the fat.


Dip Skip

Resist the urge to soak up the added butter, sauces, dips and glazes. Often the food item is just as good (or better) without the added dressings. Spare the added calories altogether or save them for your favorite indulgence.

Fair Share

Plan to share your favorite indulgences with a friend (or two). Rather than eating all of everything you want, try eating a smaller portion of the things you want most. Sometimes a bite or two can be satisfying enough.

Water Wait

Yes, the State Fair is about a lot of good food, but don’t wait until it’s too late to hydrate. Drink plenty of water while you wait…between meals, while in line and while walking throughout the fairgrounds.

Brain Food

Take the emphasis off of food and place it on enjoying the experiences and people (especially family and friends). The State Fair has various Art, Science, Agricultural, Entertainment, Cultural, Industrial and other experiences to enjoy. 

Healthy choices at the State Fair

Produce Exchange: Fresh fruit - apples, berries, peaches, mangos, etc., energy bars and Naked Juice

Starberi Frozen Yogurt: Frozen yogurt with up to eight fresh fruit toppings

Preferred Pickle: Pickles on a stick

Veggie Pie: Fresh salads, fruit pizza, fresh cherries or frozen grapes on a stick

Andre's Watermelon: Red or yellow watermelon in a bowl, fresh fruit bowl or vegetable platter

Caribbean Smoothies: Fruit kabob (banana, strawberry, pineapple) dipped in chocolate

The Shrimp Shack: Grilled shrimp on a stick (ask for no butter) with garlic seasoning or Cajun seasoning

Corn Roast: Sweet corn on the cob (ask for no butter) roasted in the husk

Lamb Shoppe: Marinated and grilled lamb chop on a stick

Calorie Counts – feel the burn

Remember what it takes to walk off those treats

State Fair Food Calories Steps
(to burn calories)
(to burn calories)
Corn on the Cob 150 3,000 1.5
Corn Dog 260 5,200 2.6
33 oz. Regular Soda 400 8,000 4
Deep-Fried Snickers 450 9,000 4.5
Cheese Curds 650 13,000 6.5
Funnel Cake 720 14,400 7.2
Giant Turkey Leg 1,140 22,800 11.4
Pork Chop on a Stick 290 5,800 2.8

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair