YMCA water safety lessons help kids learn how to be safe in the water; they also teach them to be “teachers.”

“A new twist on Y water safety lessons is having some of the older kids teach the younger kids,” says Abbey Taylor, Founder of Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation.

“They’re learning how to guide and mentor. Some of them even want to become YMCA lifeguards.”

Meng is 16. He is a student at the Hmong Prep Academy. He has taken YMCA water safety lessons, and he wants to learn more.

“I like learning about water and swimming and safety,” he says. “I would like to be a lifeguard someday.”

When a young person learns water safety skills, they’re also able to pass that knowledge on to their parents and siblings, who often need it as well, says Lindsay. “We see that in a number of families. Some sign up for swim lessons after having their children in water safety classes.

“Learning how to be safe around water may be some of the most valuable summer learning that takes place at the YMCA.”

To learn more about YMCA Water Safety Lessons, contact Lindsay Mondick via email.