Losing 50 pounds and keeping it off



Dave Allmann came up against several challenges while trying to lose weight, but he hit it with all he had—he was done being big.

After two weeks of eating right and exercising, he started to lose weight and noticed his clothes fitting more loosely. The more he saw results, the more dedicated he was to making a change. Dave says, “After the first three weeks something happens. I would proudly turn down the unhealthy foods and make healthy choices. It would feel good to go to the gym rather than lay on the couch.”

After a couple more weeks, it was more weight and inches gone—Dave was pumped, had more energy, and was even sleeping better. After losing 50 pounds, Dave has maintained his weight loss for 11 months. Here’s how he transformed his life:

Cut out sweets

To keep himself motivated, Dave did some simple math—walking on the treadmill at about four miles an hour for an hour burned about 250 calories. He knew that is favorite treats like cookies and ice cream often contain several more calories this his treadmill workout would burn off. So Dave kept at the treadmill and said “no” to cookies and ice cream.

Since starting on his weight loss journey, his meals have consisted of vegetables and a good source of protein—think chicken or turkey. When eating on the go, he opts for a veggie-loaded sub rather than fast food.

Ate less, more often

Dave watched the portions and calories for all the food he was eating. He started to eat smaller portions and have healthy snacks between meals, which changed his metabolism so that his body could burn off the food he ate more effectively. He says it was easier to eat less at mealtime when he knew he could look forward to a healthy snack in a few hours.

Made time for exercise

Between work, coaching volleyball, and church activities, Dave knew it would be tough to find the time for exercise—but he stayed committed to his plan. Sometimes this meant working out between work and evening activities. He admits there were plenty of times he felt tired or struggled to get to the gym, but he knew he had to do it and felt great after exercising.

Today, there are times when he’ll pick up a 50-pound weight at the gym to remember the difference he’s made for his health.