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by the Chef Marshall O'Brien Group

Our modern, hectic lives pull us in many directions, leaving us feeling stressed and depleted. With demanding jobs, white-knuckled commutes, kids to be shuttled around, meals to be planned and cooked (or too often grabbed on-the-go), squeezing in physical activity or even a full night’s sleep can seem like an impossible luxury. When we are stressed and depleted, even the smallest daily tasks can feel like a struggle. Over time, this frenetic pace inevitably leads to pain, chronic illness and a shortened lifespan.

What We Eat Matters

As a culture, we are beginning to understand that what we eat impacts how we feel. The foods we consume have the power to either aggravate or relieve our stress and physical discomfort. Smart eating can lead to incredible improvements in the way we feel and our ability to manage the stress in our lives. With knowledge of how foods function in our bodies, we can use specific foods to help minimize or eliminate many of the problems that result from our hectic, stressful lives.

The Y and Chef Marshall Can Help

Your YMCA has teamed up with the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group to help you improve your life and the lives of your family members through smart eating. Chef Marshall and his team of registered dietitians use current scientific research to explain how the right foods can help improve almost all of your health concerns and relieve those stressed feelings of “running on empty”. Rather than adding one more thing to your to-do list, Chef Marshall will offer suggestions that fit into your busy schedule. By replacing foods that merely “feed” you, or even aggravate your health concerns, with foods that nourish you and relieve pain and chronic illness, you will feel revitalized, usually within weeks.

New Ideas Every Week

Each week, you will receive a new idea on how to feel your best, a delicious, easy recipe to help you bring the week’s idea to your family’s table, and a simple tip for the week.

Simple, Credible Suggestions

With so much conflicting advice in the media about what is and is not healthy, you can relax knowing that each week you will receive clear, simple, research-based suggestions that address common health concerns and will help you feel better than ever. You will learn which foods are your friends and which foods are not. And you will learn ways to incorporate these foods into your family meals to help your children and other loved ones lead happier, healthier lives.

You will love the way you feel!

The Chef Marshall O’Brien Group is a dedicated assembly of professionals based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, committed to the goal of using nutrition to get kids and families to lead happier, healthier lives.