Pass along values that are important to you.

A financial gift to the YMCA allows us to continually find new ways to build thriving communities. A planned gift to the Y will continue this work for generations. Here’s what you need to know about this type of donation.

What is planned giving?

If you plan on donating to an organization next month or next year, that’s not necessarily “planned giving.” Planned giving is something you outline now—but the benefits happen in the future after you are gone. Examples include: putting the YMCA in your will, or naming the Y as a beneficiary of an IRA. 

YMCA Senior Director of Planned Giving, Kari Rambo, notes that planned gifts allow donors to do something very impactful, often exceeding what they are able to do during their lifetimes. “A planned gift goes into an endowment, which lasts forever. It’s really a gift that keeps on giving. This is your legacy, supporting the values and community that you believe in long into the future.”

Anyone can make a planned gift

Whether you’re currently working on an estate plan, or you’ve never heard of planned giving—it’s easy to do and isn’t restricted to people with high asset totals.

Kari says that it can help to think about planned giving in terms of percentages. For example, if you have two children you might plan on leaving them each 40% of your assets and earmark 20% for one or more charitable organizations that you believe in.

“As you make plans—take care of your family first. Then, think about the values most important to you and how you want to pass on those ideals for future generations,” she said.

Start with conversation

If you’re considering making a planned gift to the YMCA, we encourage you to talk with the Y. You can learn about options and share ideas about how you’d like to designate the purpose and use of your gift.

Kari also recommends talking with your attorney or financial planner to navigate the most tax-efficient methods of making a gift in your estate plan. Here are some important details to have on hand to include a planned gift to the YMCA in your will or IRA beneficiary designation:

  • Designate the gift to the YMCA of the North, 651 Nicollet Mall Ste. 500, Minneapolis, MN 55402 (Federal Tax ID 45-2563299).
  • Specify the YMCA branch or camp toward which you are directing your planned gift.
  • The YMCA of the North is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and serves as the legal entity for all YMCA branches and camps.

Once you’ve decided to create a planned gift to the Y, you’ll be asked to fill out a letter of intent. Having your plans in writing is important for you and the YMCA. This will ensure that the YMCA knows your wishes and provides ongoing guidance for those who will be managing your gift in the years ahead. 

Finally, Kari suggests talking with your loved ones about your plans—share what’s important to you and why you’ve decided to make a planned gift. This is a way to pass on your most cherished values to those closest to you. 

Contact us to learn more

We’re available to answer any questions you might have and to discuss the giving options that might make the most sense for you. We also understand that sometimes things change in life. Once you create a planned gift to the Y, you have the option to make changes at any time. Now is the time to get started.

Contact Kari Rambo, at (612) 330-3074 or