How to be internet awesome

Key tips from internet safety workshops

In July, the Y offered free workshops developed by Google for parents to learn how to help kids stay safe online.

If you weren’t able to attend a session, here are some key takeaways you can share with your children to help them navigate the online world:

  • Set expectations for sharing devices and information—what should be private and what can be shared with others
  • Help kids understand that just because something is online, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true
  • Brainstorm ideas together for strong passwords to use
  • Talk as a family about what positivity looks like, and how it can be expressed online
  • Identify opportunities for when it might be better to communicate in person or over the phone, rather than online
  • Encourage kids to ask for help if they get into a sticky situation online

To dig more deeply into the world of online safety, check out these resources: