Class spotlight: Rhythm Ride

Have fun, burn calories and keep joint impact to a minimum in this Group Exercise class

Rhythm Ride is a group cycle class that focuses on riding to the beat of the music and incorporating upper body movement.

Amanda Johnston, Program Manager of Group Fitness at the Lino Lakes Y says, “We have a dance party on the bike.”

What to expect in class

Class takes place on a stationary bike that allows you to adjust resistance and position. For your first class, you might want to arrive just a few minutes early so that you and your instructor can get your bike set up together.

During the warm-up portion of class, your instructor will go through the resistance settings and positions you might use during the remainder of class.

Throughout the workout, your instructor will provide cues on the speed you should target to ride on the beat with the music—but don’t get used to it, each song and each class features a different cadence.

Although a recommended cadence is provided as a goal, you have the option to use the resistance and positions that work best for you and your level of fitness—all ages are welcome!

Why give this class a try

Rhythm Ride is a great way to build muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Cycling in general is a good activity if you’re looking for exercise options that offer lower impact on your joints.

“Time goes faster, and I burn more calories in this class than any other class I teach,” says Amanda. “Plus, it’s really fun—it’s just awesome!”

What to bring to class

In addition to yourself, just bring water and a towel. Although cycling shoes with clips are welcome—they aren’t necessary. Any athletic shoe will work for Rhythm Ride.

This and all Group Exercise classes are free for Y members to attend. There’s no need to register, just find a class and drop in anytime.