10 Mindfulness Tips and Techniques

There are many ways to bring mindfulness into a person’s life and these tips help provide some ideas:

  1. Create a Mindful Corner for home, work or school that can include: Mindful Glitter JarChime, Coloring, Hoberman Sphere, music (rain sticks and drums), heavy blankets (for weight), eye masks, essential oils, etc.
  2. Download a mindfulness app such as Insight Timer, Headspace, Calm
  3. Create a bed-time routine
    1. Turn off screens one hour before bed
    2. Use a hot water bottle or weighted blanket to calm the nervous system
    3. Align day with the circadian rhythms
    4. Use an essential oil diffuser to hydrate the air
  4. Take 1-minute brain-breaks throughout the day
  5. Manage energy, not time.
  6. Enjoy restorative practices at George Wellbeing such as massage/bodywork, singing bowl meditation, acupuncture, hydromassage and more
  7. Attend a Y Wellness Retreat and experience the splendor of the natural environment of camp through holistic wellbeing programming and individualized exploration.
  8. Eat mindfully at meal time by sitting down, chewing the food slowly and enjoying the sight, smell, texture and taste of the food.
  9. Take a mindful walk in nature and pay attention to the sights, sounds and smells of being in the great outdoors in fresh air.
  10. Participate in a yoga class where you will focus on breathing.