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Whatever your wellness goals, reach them with EGYM—a new, personalized, and full-body strength-training experience. Using EGYM is included in your YMCA membership.


The circuit is currently available at Andover, Southdale, St. Paul Midway and Woodbury.

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EGYM Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

EGYM is currently available at Andover, Southdale, St. Paul Midway and Woodbury. All members must complete a 30 min orientation prior to using EGYM equipment. This appointment will set you up for future success during your time at the Y. Click here to request an orientation.

How does EGYM work?

EGYM is a system of equipment that guides you rep-by-rep through circuit workouts. During your orientation, an EGYM coach will give you your free wristband and walk you through a strength assessment to find your optimal resistance settings. Your coach will also set the machines to your proper range of motion. After this initial time through the with a coach you are good to go.

Next time you show up, tap your wristband on the marked area and the machines will automatically set the weight level and range of motion for you. The smart equipment will adapt and progress you through a workout with an interactive screen. All your workouts are logged in to an app without any memorizing or guesswork needed. 

What equipment is in the EGYM circuit?

EGYM hits all the major muscle groups. There is a variety of equipment included in the circuit:

  • Chest Press 
  • Seated Row 
  • Ab Crunch  
  • Back extension 
  • Leg Curl 
  • Leg Extension 
  • Lat Pull 
  • Shoulder Press 
  • Leg Press 
  • Triceps Press 
  • Bicep Curl  
Is the equipment free to use?

Yes! The EGYM equipment is completely free for YMCA of the North members to use once you have completed an orientation.

  • Wipe touch points with sanitizing wipe after each use and transit to the next station. 
  • Start the circuit in any open machine and transit clockwise through the circuit. (You do not need to start at the beginning of the circuit). 
  • Stay in order of exercises in the circuit and do not stay on a piece of equipment performing multiple sets. 
  • The equipment is arranged circuit style.  Enter an empty machine to start the circuit.  Everyone will be exercising at the same time with the orange timer.  Everyone transitions at the same time with the blue timer.  To maintain the flow of the traffic and keep the circuit seamless, stay in order of the circuit.
EGYM Features

The interactive video screen on every machine guides you to move at the right pace with the right form. EGYM can help you get a complete workout every time, without worrying about counting reps or keeping a workout journal.  

The machines automatically track your workout and send it to your app. To get started on the app, download the YMCA of the North app. Once downloaded, you will need to enter the email address associated with your EGYM account and create a password. 

Tailored Programs

EGYM includes eight tailored programs specific to your goals. Tailored programs include: 

  • Weight Loss | Decrease Body Weight 
  • Muscle Building | Improve Bone Density & Build Muscle 
  • Athletic | Increase Power & Decrease Risk of Fall 
  • General Fitness | Enhance Functional Mobility 
  • Rehab Fit | Low Intensity Program Designed to Assist with Injury Recovery 
  • Body Toning | Reduce Body Fat & Increase Muscle Definition 
  • Metabolic Fit | Focus on Muscle Endurance 
  • Immunity Boost | Simple & Progressive Re-Entry to Exercise After Time Off 
Training Methods

In addition to the eight (8) tailored programs available, there are also four (4) different training methods that may be found within your program. These training methods will alter the feel of the workout by changing the speed, weight load, and number of repetitions. This provides variation in your workout, all while maintaining the same overall focus. 

Training methods include: 

  • Regular | One (1) weight. Classic controlled repetition tempo/speed. 
  • Negative | Two (2) weights. Easier on the first half of the rep, heavier on the second half (or return of rep). 
  • Adaptive | Decreases weight mid-set as it senses your muscles getting tired. 
  • Explonic | Meant for rapid, explosive movement. 
Why does EGYM work?

EGYM was developed using state-of-the-art exercise science. Different fitness goals require different workouts -- a weightlifter works out differently than someone who has never done strength training. EGYM adapts the equipment settings based on your goal, progress, and body type.

Other features of EGYM
  • Workout parameters such as training weight, number of repetitions, speed of movement, or length of sessions automatically adjust to individual users. 
  • Gamification elements, like scoring points on the training curve, also enhance motion control and motivate your members to perform the exercises correctly.  
  • Strength Measurements: Regular maximum strength measurements automatically calculate the ideal training weight on each machine and continuously adapts the parameters in the line with training achievements – creating stimuli for steady growth and preventing training plateaus.
How much does it cost?

It is free and included in your membership. 

The first band is free, additional bands or replacement bands cost $5.

How old do you have to be to use the EGYM equipment?

10 years old