When the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities debuts its new downtown Minneapolis headquarters next year, it'll feature plenty of gym equipment like barbells, treadmills — and a virtual-reality machine that lets users pretend they're flying.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the latest trend in fitness gear: Virtual reality systems that simulate cardio workouts or other exercises. They aren't cheap, but they are gaining fans for their ability to keep users engaged — and exercising — longer.

The YMCA is apparently a believer; workers there have been testing the $9,000 Icarosmachine at its new facility in Gaviidae Common. The nonprofit bought two floors in the property last year.

Nathan Maehren, senior vice president of digital at the nonprofit, said that the Icaros offers "a 'wow' experience" with flying and scuba-diving games. The Verge, in a review at CES 2017 when the machine debuted earlier this year, described it at "VR skydiving crossed with planking."