MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Heavy rains and flash flooding has Metropolitan Mosquito Control on high alert.

Crews are out in full force trying to control hatching larvae across the metro. WCCO’s Reg Chapman tells us what’s being done to make sure mosquitoes don’t ruin your summer fun.

There is nothing more fun during the summer than day camp.

”Lots of outdoor activities from archery, sling shots, climbing arts and crafts, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, everything outdoors,” YMCA Camp and Outreach Director Niall Murton said.

YMCA’s Streefland Day Camp in Lakeville is 65 acres of prime real estate, converted into a young person’s playground. About 350 kids from ages 4 to 14 find refuge here from school work, enjoying the full outdoor adventure is the only thing on the agenda.

“We want to set kids up for success during the weeks so we ask kids to bring lots of snacks. We’re asking them to bring sunscreen, bug spray and label everything,” Murton said.

Camp Streefland is covered under the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, meaning this area is sprayed to help control the mosquito population. Kids don’t have problems with bites because camp staff make sure they are prepared.

Parents are told to pack mosquito repellent as an added layer of protection from Minnesota’s unofficial state bird.

“We want them to be able to reapply that during the day after swimming and other activities so we can stay safe,” Murton said.

Mosquito Control has six helicopters up in the air, treating areas where it’s believed mosquito larvae may be incubating. The warmer the water, the faster larvae hatch.

Mosquito Control is trying to stay one step ahead. Experts say heavy rains over the weekend means new mosquitoes could be out in the next five to six days.

Mosquito Control says you can protect yourself from mosquitoes by getting rid of standing water in your yard. The bugs are most active early in the morning and at dusk.