Simplify holiday shopping with this list



From the workout pro to a fitness newbie, get inspired with these health-inspired goodies:

  1. Bike trainer
    A bike trainer is a device that clamps onto a bike’s rear axle and presses a resistance roller against the rear tire to make riding in place indoors a snap. Browse a variety of bike trainers at Amazon.
  2. Bluetooth headphones
    Wires can get in the way of a workout—Bluetooth headphones are wireless and work with compatible smartphones to stream tunes. See a roundup of the best Bluetooth headphones of the year.
  3. Fitness journal
    Designed to help track progress, log workouts and help reach goals—fitness journals make a great gift for health enthusiasts. Shop fitness journals on Google.
  4. Inspirational art
    Help maintain motivation with fitness-focused, wearable or traditional art. Check out creative gifts at Etsy.
  5. Mini foam roller
    A travel-sized version of a traditional foam roller provides targeted compression. Browse mini rollers on Amazon.
  6. Personal Training
    Give the gift of expertise, accountability and support. YMCA Personal Trainers come in a variety of shapes and sizes—there’s a match for everyone.
  7. Quick-change dumbbells or kettlebells
    Home workouts are easier when there’s less equipment involved. PowerBlock dumbbells and kettlebells offer the benefit of several weights in just one set.
  8. Suspension trainer
    Suspension training uses gravity and bodyweight for a total-body workout that can be done at home or in the gym. Shop for TRX suspension and rip trainers.
  9. Workout playlist
    Do it yourself—make a motivating playlist that will keep spirits up throughout a workout. Get started with playlist ideas on Pinterest.