Y preschool prepares kids for school

Children explore the wonders of their world and grow into confident kids

Y preschools in Eagan, Hudson and Woodbury prepare kids ages 2-5 years for school with part-day readiness programs during the school year. Each day at preschool, children experience success in a warm, caring and fun environment that stimulates natural curiosity and encourages personal expression.

The Y difference

There are a lot of preschool options out there—so why consider the Y? The program is unique because …

  • It’s a 5-hour day. This extended day gives kids more opportunities to soak in learning, and gives Y team members more time to get to know each child and celebrate their successes.
  • Customized instruction. With more time to develop a relationship with each child, the Y team can build on the existing skills of each child—whether that means working on fine-motor skills like holding a pencil, or learning to trace letters.
  • Water safety is included. The YMCA is a champion of water safety for all ages, so at Y preschool, your child will experience being in the pool and learn about age-appropriate water-safety skills. Preschool water safety isn’t intended to replace Swim Lessons, but is a great way to introduce kids to the water.
  • Health and wellness are priorities. As an organization, the Y is a firm proponent of healthy living. These same ideas extend to Y preschool, where kids enjoy plenty of physical activity and nutritious food choices.

How preschool can help your child

To understand what helps kids be ready for school, the Y connects with area kindergarten teachers to understand the desired skills for kids to have for the coming school year. 

Lisa Pearson, the Y’s child care district supervisor says that a big component is often social and emotional readiness. “Y preschool helps kids learn to be advocates for themselves, to build self-help kills and to appropriately address social conflict.”

With a solid foundation of the Y’s core values—caring, honesty, respect and responsibility—the preschool program is designed to develop your child’s potential through creative, intellectual, emotional, social and physical skills while they grow. 

On the academic front, Y preschool structures activities on the theory that kids learn through play. If your child likes to play with trucks, educational activities will incorporate this favorite activity. Learn more about the preschool curriculum

Note: Following a slightly different model, the Y preschool program at the Rochester YMCA is for kids ages 3-4 years and includes a 2.5-hour day.