Having a positive impact on kids was very important to 19-year-old Katie Mullen 

With her goofy sense of humor, love of children and extraordinary heart, Katie Mullen had a tremendous impact on all who knew her.

In October 2018, at age 19, Katie passed away unexpectedly, of natural causes. In her memory, Katie’s family and friends are continuing her legacy with a YMCA endowment fund to send more kids to camp.

A member of the staff at YMCA Camp Guy Robinson and the Andover Y‘s workout child care program—Kids Stuff, Katie even made standing in line a laughing affair. She was always finding a fun, silly, impactful way to guide, teach, and advance her young charges’ development and growth.

Katie’s best friend Ava remembers that, “Katie used to come home from Kids Stuff and tell me about the cute and fun things the kids did. She was so passionate about it. And all the kids just loved her … She was such a loving, kind and funny soul. She was always lifting people up.”

Jack, her friend and fellow staffer at YMCA Camp Guy Robinson tells a story about how he and Katie would play a game of trying to toss and catch grapes across the amphitheater. “The kids would just freak out when we caught one. Her energy, even in those little situations was great,” he said. 

Katie enrolled at the University of St. Thomas in 2017. She was considering a career in early childhood education or other professions in which she could interact with young children and provide for their care, education and development.  

With her generous spirit and big heart, Katie filled the world around her with joy and was an example and inspiration to many. She will be greatly missed.

YMCA Camp Guy Robinson Director, Katie O’Toole, said that Katie had a way of coaxing glee and silliness out of some of the most reserved campers. “Her vibrant energy and positive attitude made people forget about anything that could have otherwise dampened the day.”

“Katie helped me realize the importance of having fun in life,” added her friend Jack. “She encouraged me to remember there’s good in any situation—and that every moment is worth enjoying.”

Remembering Katie

In recognition of the joy that Katie brought to YMCA camping, and that young campers brought to her, the Katie Mullen Memorial Endowment Fund has been established in her memory. 

A gift to one of Katie’s favorite places, Camp Guy Robinson, will provide scholarships to send children to camp. Katie’s sense of wonder and camper spirit will live on at Camp Guy Robinson through this fund. 

Join in celebrating Katie’s life and legacy in this way—with the gift of camp.