Class spotlight: Barre Fusion

Enjoy elements of ballet, functional strength and mind-body connection in one class

Barre is inspired by the exercises that are traditionally done by dancers at the barre, attached to the wall—like you might see in a ballet or dance studio. Generally, these barres are used to help support the body and stay balanced.

Alexandra Eady, Program Manager at the Dayton Y gives a glimpse into what to expect from Barre Fusion classes at the Y:

Your first class

Classes include movements borrowing from dance, yoga and Pilates—but without using a barre. This format helps to build strength in the body by challenging some of the smaller muscles in the body, including adductors (groin), abductors (thigh) and transversus abdominis (deep abdomen) muscles to name a few.

“This class is great for you, because of the different ways we engage the body. I promise you will feel muscles in way you have never felt them before. You will most certainly develop a new understanding of embracing the burn!” says Alexandra.

Why give it a try

Whether you’re new to fitness or are interested in changing up your workouts—this class is low impact and easily modified for all levels and experience. With regular attendance, you can expect to:

  • Define muscles
  • Improve posture
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce stress

Although there are fee-based Small Group Training Barre classes available at the Y, Barre Fusion Group Exercise classes are free for Y members. You can drop in at any time and registration isn’t required. Find a class.

What to bring to class

This class requires yourself and a mat. Bring your own yoga mat, or use one of the mats available at your Y. In terms of footwear, bare feet are great. However, if you need shoes for a little extra support, no problem. Just be sure to wear what makes you comfortable.