Developing the Potential in Others

Doug Wallace has spent his entire adult life championing the work of the University YMCA. 
As a young undergraduate student, Doug Wallace found more than what he was looking for when walking into the doors of the University YMCA in 1954—mentoring, career development and self-reflection just to name a few. Doug valued this experience so much that he and his wife Peggy created a legacy gift in their estate plan to carry on the tradition of supporting emerging University Y leaders.

Doug realizes that there is a critical window of time in a college student’s life when a young adult formulates a sense of self in relationship to others. Healthy adult development simultaneously needs to include the experience of, and a commitment to, serving others, Doug said. This work is Doug’s spiritual calling and why he has spent his entire adult life championing the work of the University YMCA.

“I’m hoping that the funds will help new staff members be discovered and help fund their development. It’s very important for student leaders to be supported and have
guidance to be able to see a need, develop a program, and lead it. I hope that lives into the future. That is my goal, my hope.” Wallace said.

Among many of the roles Doug held at the University Y, including as executive director from 1969-1978, one was to inspire highly effective student leadership programs. The programs Doug helped create and grow fostered relationship building, provided leadership development opportunities, and inspired others toward action. A key aspect, built into every program was student self-reflection: What are your values? Where can you lead?

Doug wants to continue inspiring other young leaders to have a passion for service well beyond his lifetime which is why Doug and his wife Peggy have invested so deeply in the University YMCA. Inspiration and a commitment to serve others is the legacy they want to leave behind.

“In many ways, the University Y shaped who I am today. It strengthened my commitment and passion for community service,” Wallace said.