A bequest or beneficiary designation for the YMCA in your will, trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy is a gift that keeps on giving, year after year. A planned gift is a way to support the mission and programs that you believe in long after your lifetime. Together, we can strengthen our community for generations.

Making a planned gift

Ways to make a planned gift

  • Through your will, codicil, trust or other estate-planning instrument, you may designate a portion of your estate, either a percentage or a specific dollar amount, to the YMCA. 
  • Name the YMCA as a beneficiary of a retirement account, life insurance policy or other non-cash asset. Work with your plan administrator to update beneficiary designations at any time.
  • Work with your professional advisors to determine the best planned giving options for you, your family and your philanthropic intentions.

When you create an endowment fund or planned gift

The YMCA Heritage Society includes people who have created endowment funds and planned gifts for the Y—a powerful legacy that will last for generations. This visionary group of donors gathers annually to learn more about the YMCA’s impact in our communities, as well as the Y’s strategies and plans for the future. 

Can a planned gift work for me?

Planned gifts, large and small, all make a difference. Your planned gift, added with others, will have significant impact.

How does my planned gift support the Y?

Planned gifts are typically directed to the YMCA endowment and carefully invested. The income generated from your gift is used to further the work of the YMCA for generations. This is a gift that keeps on giving over many years.

What’s the difference between a direct gift to the Y and a gift to the endowment fund?

Direct gifts are used for immediate needs. Gifts to the endowment fund are retained and invested. The income generated by the endowment is used year after year to support the purpose you designate.

What if I want to see the impact of my gift during my lifetime?

You may donate to an existing YMCA endowment fund today, or create your own named endowment fund that will begin supporting the YMCA during your lifetime.

How can I be sure my gift will support my community?

You designate the purpose and use of your gift in writing when you create a planned gift or endowment fund. Your gift will support your community now and in the future.