For Heather Logelin, YMCA Camp du Nord has made an everlasting impact on her life, and now knows that family camp goes beyond the people who you are related to. 

Heather, who lives and works in the St. Croix Valley, is a busy mother of two, and knows the value of outdoor adventures for not only her children but herself.

YMCA of the North camps have hosted nature retreats designed to help unplug from the daily grind and enjoy some quality time with friends, family, and oneself.

“Parenting is a full-time job and often times it’s hard to ensure work-life balance,” Logelin stated. “I attended one of the first women’s retreats at Camp du Nord more than 10 years ago, and it was transformational. So, I shared my experience with other moms, and invited them to join me the following year…the rest is history.”

Heather is a new Heritage Society member and has placed Camp du Nord in her estate plans. Camp du Nord provided an opportunity for women to get away and explore how nature connects their spirit, emotions, and souls. 

“These weekends empower women, and it seemed only natural to want others to experience this amazing place in the future,” Heather claimed. “The bonds I’ve created are meaningful and I consider these ladies my family.” 

Camp du Nord is a getaway destination, deep in the serenity of the north woods. Retreats include a worryfree environment and are offered in the fall, winter and spring. Meals, outdoor and indoor activities, as well as a sought-after sauna is available to every camper. 

Heather recalls her first-time camper friends snowshoeing up to Old Baldy, jumping into the cold Burntside Lake, then quickly seeking refuge in the sauna. She was curious…would her friends return the following year after all that? 

There was not a moment of hesitation for any of the ladies. Conversations immediately took place about planning for the following year. 

Memories, like those, are endless for Heather, and she feels blessed to share “the place that makes her heart sing,” with others.