Forward-Thinking Volunteers

The St. Paul Midway YMCA Planned Giving Committee is thinking about the future. For the last five years, the committee has been brainstorming ways to raise sustainable
funding for a community they care deeply about.

Their strategic vision is to build the endowment’s capacity so more earned income supports the critical needs of the community and Midway Y priorities annually.

“We want to serve people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to benefit from the many services the Y provides,” said Dick Niemiec, planned giving committee
chair. “Raising awareness and growing the endowment are ways to serve the Midway community long into the future.”

The power of the endowment is that it will provide long-term, predictable income that can help pave the way for financial sustainability. Endowment funds are invested collectively by the YMCA of the North and are a charitable giving vehicle where donors create impact in perpetuity.

“The Midway Y Planned Giving Committee means a lot to me and our staff. Without their incredible support we can’t fully carry out our mission,” said Midway YMCA Executive Director David Dominick. “Our mission is so important to the City of St. Paul, and these volunteers keep it moving forward which will impact our organization for many years to come. For that I am grateful.”

The committee has ambitious but attainable goals. They are focused on serving youth and families by providing innovative ways to raise dollars to cover program expenses so the Y remains affordable for their community.

“Our effort is about the future and is forward-thinking,” said Deanna Sande, committee member. “All of us are committed and we lead by example as endowment and estate donors ourselves.”

“Giving back is a part of me…of who I am.”

Insta Sellers, Midway Y Board Chair and Planned Giving Committee Member