Below is an overview of conference important conference dates for the 2022-2023 year. Appointed and Elected Officials should check their e-mails regularly for training dates.

Minnesota Youth in Government

September 27: Minnesota YIG Registration Opens

October 18: Priority Deadline Ends

October 21: Appointed Official Registrations Due

November 5: LAUNCH via Zoom

November 15: Registration Closes; EFT Transfer #1

November 18: Materials Deadline #1 Due (Legislature, NIF, Lobbyists)

November 29: 2024 Statewide Officer Filings Due

December 1: Adult Advisor & Resource Advisor Registrations Due

December 2: Delegate Materials Deadline #2 (Courts, Cabinet, Media, Leadership Corps)

December 3: Leadership Training Day (Elected and Appointed Officers ONLY)

December 13: EFT Transfer #2 (NO refunds given past this date)

January 5-8: Youth in Government Session


Wisconsin Youth in Government

November 1: Wisconsin YIG registration Begins

November 15: Court Cases Published

December 12: WI State Steering Committee Meeting via Zoom

January 9: Delegate Materials Due (Leg, Courts, Media)

January 24: Registration Closes; EFT Transfer #1

February 5: Pre-Gov event via Zoom

February 21: EFT #2

March 3-5: Youth in Government Session in Madison


Model United Nations

January 17: Registration Begins

February 6: Country Selection Lottery Closes

February 7: Country Assignments Begin

February 25: MUN LAUNCH via Zoom

February 28: Registrations Due; EFT #1

March 15: Program Area Materials Due

March 21: EFT #2 - NO refunds given past this date

March 30 - April 1: Model United Nations Session


State Steering Committee

August 20: State Steering Committee Retreat

September 24: State Steering Committee Meeting

February 4: State Steering Committee Meeting

April 29: State Steering Committee Meeting