Minnesota Youth in Government

Students in grades 8-12 gather in St. Paul at the State Capitol to discuss and debate the important issues facing their communities, experience first-hand how government functions, and use their voice to respectfully advocate for issues that are important to them.

Wisconsin Youth in Government

Students in grades 6-12 gather in Madison at the State Capitol to learn how to be civically engaged by acting as state legislators, lawyers and judges, and members of the Press Corps.

Model United Nations

A working replica of the UN that is led by students who take on the role of diplomat from another country for three days, forming alliances, learning about issues, and meeting new friends from all over the state.

Respectful Conversations in Schools

A structured, content-neutral discussion protocol that helps students reflect on and speak from their own experience, listen carefully to classmates, and ask questions of genuine interest to deepen empathy and understanding.

Students Voting

K-12 students cast their vote on Election Day at a “polling place” in their school building, offering an authentic and real-world voting experience for young people across Minnesota.

Student Election Judge Network

Serve as an election judge and GET PAID to learn more about the election process and to provide a great service to the community.

Conference on National Affairs

"National Youth in Government" where Minnesota students meet with 600 of their counterparts from around the nation to debate national and international issues.

Youth Day at the Capitol

Learn how to effectively advocate for issues you care about and practice those advocacy skills by meeting with your local legislator(s).