Some of Our Favorite Lessons on Elections

While we have seen thousands of civic engagement tools and websites and developed many great resources, we’d like to share just a few.  If you are looking for more, check out our Resource Page, or reach out to us anytime.

Teaching the Election

The Center for Youth Voice and Ballot Ready (our tech partner for Students Voting, THE Minnesota Statewide Mock Election) developed these guides for teaching the election for elementary and secondary students:

Advocacy: Two Lessons on Finding Your Voice

Voting is more than casting a ballot.  Knowing that your vote counts, and that it represents your views in government are as important as learning the HOW of voting.  Advocacy

A Teacher’s Thoughts on Teaching Elections

Before you type that outline of an Elections unit or start that first lesson plan, consider these things-to-consider when you are planning your work teaching elections. A Teacher’s Thoughts