Students Voting is designed to help K-12 students statewide discover the importance of elections and the power of their voice – and their vote – in our democracy.

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Students Voting is coordinated through the Center for Youth Voice and the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. Every school that registers for Students Voting will receive, at no charge:

  • A realistic General Election ballot customized with their choice of offices and ballot questions
  • Ballot boxes
  • Privacy screens to set up desktop/tabletop voting booths
  • “I Voted” stickers

Participating schools are strongly encouraged to set up “polling places” in their buildings where every student can participate in the election. If in-person voting is not recommended due to COVID, we will create an option for “absentee” voting and results reporting.

Research shows that young people who learn how to vote and become comfortable with the mechanics of a polling place are significantly more likely to make voting a lifelong habit.


  • Hands-on civic engagement opportunity
  • Acclimates young people the mechanics of a polling place
  • Students involved are more likely to vote when they become eligible
  • Free curriculum to discuss elections in the classroom


Minnesota public-, private- and charter-school students in grades K-12

Program Date

Even-numbered election years


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And then under Getting Started, it should read Teachers and/or school administrators can reach out to Michael Wall at to sign up for Students Voting.