Below are a list of materials to be aware of for anyone participating in Model United Nations. All links, documents, and resources are held within our conference app, YAPP.

Click here to access the YAPP and updated links to the information below. 

UNC-1 | Model United Nations Officer Candidate Filing Form

This form is used by delegates interested in running for one of the elected offices of Model United Nations. The UNC-1 lists positions elected by the individual Model United Nations organs for next year's session. The UNC-1 form must be completed online by 11:59pm on the deadline published in the election rules.

UNC-2 | Model United Nations Appointed Position Filing Form

Delegates interested in serving the Model United Nations program in an appointed position should complete the UNC-2 form online by 11:59 on April 15.

    CONFERENCE ASSIGNMENT FORM - to be done following registration

    Once you have completed registration, you will submit for your country choice and your program area using the links below. Your country will not be assigned until ALL members have registered. ONE form submitted per country group.

    Use the member states form to see available countries and members needed. The UND will be submitted with your preferences. You will need to check in with your Delegation Director with your assignments.

    ALL links can be found within our conference app, YAPP. Please use the link to access the documents below. Documents will be posted by 1/30/24.

    10-12 Grade Diplomats 

    10-12 Member States

    UND-1 Form (10-12) 

    7-9 Grade Diplomats

    7-9 Member States

    UND-2 Form (7-9) 


    Status Report Google Form

    Students complete this form as a country group and are required to list specific facts about their adopted countries. The form lists multiple questions that require detailed answers by the delegates.

    Position Paper Google Form

    Most delegates must complete one Position Paper for each topic their committee or organ is scheduled to discuss; this means most delegates should complete two position papers total. The Position Paper should state, in the adopted nation's point of view, how the delegate views the issues in question.

    Global Forum Briefing Paper

    Delegates should use this Briefing Paper form to summarize the stand their adopted nation might take on each sub-topic in relation to the main topic. This is to help delegates get some focus on how their country thinks about each area. 

    ICJ Memorial Google Form

    To present or respond to a case to the International Court of Justice, a party must prepare and present a Memorial; required for all delegates representing countries in the ICJ.  A Memorial must contain three basic elements:

    1. Claims of Fact         
    2. Assertions of Law              
    3. Prayers for Relief

    If a nation is sued in the ICJ, it will be required to submit a counter-memorial, due before the first day of the Model United Nations.  Countries being sued will be notified and will be supplied with a copy of the memorial brought against them. Please refer to the curriculum 

    For more information, please refer to the ICJ Memorial section of the Model UN Study Guide. You may also reference this ICJ Memorial Sample.

    Study Guide

    Use the Study Guide for conference prep, background information, and writing guidelines.

    CYV Code of Conduct

    Dress Code and Packing Guidelines

    These are rough guidelines and are not exhaustive. See your delegation director and/or the Code of Conduct for advice and a more complete list.

    What to Bring

    • Proper clothing (see below)
    • Food (can bring coolers and snacks for room – especially breakfast foods)
    • Money for meals and swag
      • Meals average about $10 at the Skyway restaurants
      • Swag is available and ranges from a few dollars for knick knacks to $40-$50 for branded sweatshirts, etc.
    • Program Materials (copies of written materials produced, research materials)
    • Recommended:  Personal hand sanitizer and wipes

    What Not to Bring/What Not to Do

    • Large amounts of money
    • Expensive jewelry, etc.
    • TV-based video game systems (can damage hotel TVs)
    • Portable Speakers
    • Delegates cannot drive their own cars

    Examples of Appropriate Attire for Program Hours (Meetings and Assemblies)

    • Collared dress shirt (including button-downs, blouses or polos)
    • Sweaters, suit vests, suit coat, blazers, ties
    • Dress pants (including khakis), dresses, skirts, belts, suspenders
    • Dress shoes are required to be worn all day – flat shoes/low heels are good choices


    • Hems of dresses/skirts must be 2 inches above the knee or lower for all functions – business or casual.
    • Denim, in any form, is not considered part of professional attire.
    • Cultural or religious dress fits within dress code standards; appropriation of cultural dress is not permitted.
    • Undergarments must be worn. Visible undergarments are not permitted.
    • Hats are only permitted in outdoor settings.


    Preparation Resources

    United Nations Information

    United Nations Website
    The official homepage of the UN

    UN Cyber School Bus
    A site by the UN for students involved in Model UN programs

    Country Information

    UN Member States
    Ways to contact a UN member nation. This site has email addresses and web pages for embassies and missions to the UN

    Flags of Countries
    A look at international flags and quick reference to country facts

    Research and Participation Information

    United Nations Foundation (formerly UNWire)
    Organization instituted through Ted Turner's donation to increase the status of the UN in the US. Link to research on topical information on UN initiatives and related global issues.

    Yale Library Government Documents Collection
    Links to documents and websites related to the United Nations and UN programs.

    Best Delegate Research Resources
    Hundreds of up-to-date links about UN Committees, Countries, Topics, News Sources, and Think Tanks.

    Various indicators and data points, graphically displayed with timeline animations.


    Organization dedicated to interpreting the United Nations in the USA. Link to research on policy issues and the activities of the UN

    The UNA-MN mission is to increase understanding of and support for the United Nations and its agencies and to create educational programs that enable learning about the U.N., the principles in its charter and the urgent need for international cooperation in order to solve global problems.

    Human Rights Watch
    An organization dedicated to protecting the rights of people all over the world. Human Rights Watch also investigates and exposes human rights violations to public scrutiny.

    World Trade Organization
    An international organization which deals with rules of trade between nations of the world.