Since 1946, students across our region have participated in Youth in Government (YIG), an immersive four days that includes focused discussions on current issues, a wide variety of social events, engaging evening activities, time for small-group reflection, and hands-on leadership development.

The program starts in late fall when students in grades 8-12 join or form a YIG delegation which will hold meetings for their group leading up to the conference. High School students will choose to serve as legislators, judges, attorneys, lobbyists, media representatives, or cabinet members. Eighth-grade students start by participating as a member of the Leadership Corps where they will get to experience all areas of the program to allow them a chance to choose how to continue their YIG journey in high school.

In early November, delegates from all over the state come together for an online training called LAUNCH to get prepare for the four-day conference in early January. On January 5th, delegations from all over the state of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin will come together between the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis and the Minnesota State Capitol to engage in the 69th Minnesota Youth in Government event!


  • Focus on state and local issues
  • Meet students with similar interests from across the state
  • Choose from many program area options
  • Practice leadership skills in this entirely student-led state government 


Minnesota students in grades 8-12

2023 Conference Dates

January 5 – January 8, 2023

LAUNCH - via Zoom

Saturday, November 5th


State Fee: $479

Delegation Fee: Varies by delegation. Ask your Delegation Director for more details. 

Registration Dates

Registration Opens: Tuesday, September 27th

Priority Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 18th 

Registration Closes: Tuesday, November 15th

*Incentives available for early registration and financial assistance is available.

Getting Started

Step 1: Find your delegation

Search our Delegation page to see if your school is already involved. If you do not find them listed, send us an email at and we can work on getting a delegation within your school.

Step 2: Register and select program area preferences

Step 3: Receive program assignment via Regy account or Delegation Director

Step 4: Research & prep for your program area

Step 5: Upload program materials to Regy

Step 6: Attend Youth in Government conference

2023 Governor Katie Taffe

2023 Lt. Governor Adi Vibhakar

2023 Secretary of State Thay See

2023 Speaker of Sanford House John Goettl

2023 President of Knutson Senate Brady Sternberg

2023 President of Spear Senate Burke Widman

2023 Speaker of Humphrey House Tonya Bergstrom 

2023 President of Smith Senate Addy Berg

2023 Speaker of Myers House Megan Barker

2023 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Alissa Permaul

2023 Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals Ellie Aars

2023 Chief Judge of the District Court Isabella Ly

2023 Chief Judge of the Trial Court Emily Ren

2023 Lobbyist Director Kelly Fung

2023 National Issues Forum Presiding Officer Joseph Ayalew

2023 Media Director Maggie McBrady

2023 Steering Committee Chair Olesia Sarazhynskyy

2023 Steering Committee Vice Chair Zali Akiba