Since 1946, students across our region have participated in Youth in Government (YIG), an immersive four days that includes focused discussions on current issues, a wide variety of social events, engaging evening activities, time for small-group reflection, and hands-on leadership development.

The program starts in late fall when students in grades 8-12 join or form a YIG delegation, most likely at their school. Students can choose to serve as legislators, judges, attorneys, lobbyists, media representatives, or cabinet members. Eighth-grade students start by participating as a member of the Leadership Corps. As a group, students work together to prepare materials for their program areas, listen to speakers, and practice their presentation skills. In October, delegates from all over the state come together for online training called LAUNCH to get ready for the four-day conference in early January.



  • Focus on state and local issues
  • Meet students with similar interests from across the state
  • Choose from many program area options
  • Practice leadership skills in this entirely student-led state government 


Minnesota students in grades 8-12

2022 Conference Dates

January 6 – January 9, 2022


Varies depending on your involvement level. Check with your Delegation Director for more details. 

*Incentives available for early registration (prior to October 10) and financial assistance is available.

Getting Started

Step 1: Find your delegation

Search our Delegation page to see if your school is already involved. If you do not find them listed, shoot us an email at and we can work on getting it started at your school!

Step 2: Register and select program area

Step 3: Receive program assignment

Step 4: Research & prep mode

Step 5: Upload forms to online system

Step 6: Attend Youth in Government conference


2022 Governor Wesley Ross

2022 Lt. Governor Anneteke Adoga

2022 Secretary of State Cailin Friary

2022 Speaker of Sanford House Carter Anderson

2022 President of Knutson Senate Nora Kushner

2022 President of Stassen Senate Pranav Venkit

2022 Speaker of Humphrey House Mari Hanson 

2022 President of Ramsey Senate Alex Funk

2022 Speaker of Sibley House To be selected

2022 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Elisa Guo

2022 Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals Cody Hoang

2022 Chief Judge of the District Court Payton Bunnell

2022 Chief Judge of the Trial Court Ethan Zhao

2022 Lobbyist Director Dorian Burke

2022 National Issues Forum Presiding Officer Oden Hoff

2022 Media Director Srishti Brahmbhatt