Once you've received your assignment from your regy account or Delegation Director, use the resources below to prepare your conference materials.


All program areas have pre-conference work that is due into your regy account by 11/15/2023. Fillable PDF's are located in your regy account. The documents below will help you complete those assigned materials. Delegation Directors will be able to approve your materials or return them back to your for further review. NO program materials will be accepted after the 11/15/23, meaning no late bills or proposals may be brought to the conference. If you are having issues with your regy account, please e-mail youthvoice@ymcanorth.org


Our conference based app is to be used throughout the entire conference season. All delegates with a mobile device or tablet are encourage to download the YAPP upon registration.

Within the YAPP, you will find:

  • Live announcements to stay informed throughout conference season and at Youth in Government
  • Links program area resources
  • Officer and official filing links
  • Schedules, maps, food lists
  • Officer and Specialist Bios
  • Evening activities information
  • and more!


Program Area Resources

Below you will find program area packets to support your conference preparation. 


The legislature at Youth in Government consists of six different bodies. Humphrey House and Smith Senate, as well as Myers House and Spear Senate, are part of our Hotel Legislature and available for 9th and 10th graders. Our Capitol Legislature includes Sanford House and Knutson Senate, is for 11th and 12th graders.

Prior to YIG, students have the opportunity to write a bill about a state issue that is important to them. At the conference, they can debate their bill and get it all the way to the Youth—or Youth Lieutenant—Governor, one of the highest honors in Youth in Government.

Get ready to be a Legislator

Legislative Curriculum


There are four options for students wishing to learn more about the courts system: Trial Court for 9th & 10th grade participants, Court of Appeals for 9th & 10th grade participants, District Court is available for those in 11th & 12th grade, and Supreme Court remains an option for folks in grades 11th & 12th grade.

All delegates participating in courts must register with a partner. If you do not have a partner at your school, you will be paired with a student from another delegation. Court spaces are limited and generally fill up by priority deadline - so if you want to be involved in the courts, register by 10/17 for your best chance!


Join the YAPP

Check YAPP to find your case assignment and your partner. These assignments are updated regularly. Check in with your youth officers or your Delegation Director if you have any questions.

National Issues Forum

Delegates in grades 10-12 in National Issues Forum (NIF) have an opportunity that is unique in Youth in Government: they get to debate important and critical national issues with their peers in a forum that is extremely conducive to productive debate. Prior to the conference, delegates prepare a proposal on a topic that they find to be relevant to current events. At Youth in Government, they debate their proposals and can potentially get voted all the way into the top-tier plenary session.

Get Ready for NIF

NIF Info Packet

Delegate Cheat Sheet


Cabinet members represent the Youth Governor (Senior Cabinet) or the Youth Lieutenant Governor (Junior Cabinet) in committee and they help to progress the executive agenda by speaking in favor or against certain pieces of legislation. They work very closely with the Youth Governor and Youth Lt. Governor and their offices. These positions are Appointed Officials.

Get Ready to be in Cabinet

Cabinet Training Guide


At Youth in Government, Lobbyists represent over 50 different organizations and corporations and speak on legislation while it's in committee. Once a bill has moved beyond committee, Lobbyists work with legislators in the Houses and Senates to progress their clients' agendas.

Lobbyist positions are made by appointment. Delegates can apply to be appointed as a Lobbyist if they will be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade the following year. 

Get Ready to be a Lobbyist

Lobbyist Client List - Use this to find out what client you are representing

Lobbyist Training Manual

Leadership Corps

Leadership Corps serves all 8th grade delegates as an introduction to Youth in Government and all the program choice possibilities. Delegates spend the weekend creating bills, arguing court cases, writing media articles, and visiting all the program areas in order to get the best first year Youth in Government experience. 

Get Ready for Leadership Corps

Leadership Corps Prep Packet (to be submitted on Regy)

Youth in Government Leadership & Filing Forms

Use the links below to file for leadership roles for the 2025 Youth in Government Conference. ***All links will be updated in August 2023***

All links are also available on the YAPP.


View Election Rules

2024 Youth in Government Elected Officers

2024 Governor Brady Sternberg

2024 Lt. Governor Ethan Zhao

2024 Secretary of State Arjun Kunhiraman

2024 Speaker of Sanford House Pranav Venkit

2024 President of Knutson Senate Grayson Tix

2024 President of Spear Senate Anja Erickson

2024 Speaker of Humphrey House Kate Dean 

2024 President of Smith Senate Ankit Mukhopadhyay

2024 Speaker of Myers House Esha Vibhakar

2024 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Sreya Subramanian

2024 Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals Kale Holst

2024 Chief Judge of the District Court Saisree Dhavilesarapu

2024 Chief Judge of the Trial Court Jenevieve Behnke

2024 Lobbyist Director Miles Martig

2024 National Issues Forum Presiding Officer Nathan Lee

2024 Media Director Lila Wallin

2024 Steering Committee Chair Zali Akiba

2024 Steering Committee Vice Chair TBD *August 2023


Elected Officer Forms

C1 | Statewide Officer Filing

Delegates who wished to run for a Statewide Elected Officer position (Governor/Lt. Governor and Secretary of State) must have completed this online application by TBD**. Late applications are not accepted.

2025 Candidates: Governor & Lt. Governor

  • To be announced

2025 Candidates: Secretary of State

  • To be announced

C2 | Program Area Officer Filing

Delegates who wish to run for a Program Area Elected Officer Position (Speakers, Presidents, Judges, Lobbyist Director, NIF Presiding Officer, or Media) must complete this online form by 11:59am on Friday during the Youth in Government conference.

Officer Position Descriptions






Appointed Official Forms

B1 | Appointed Official Filing

Delegates who wish to apply to be an Appointed Official for Youth in Government 2025 need to complete this online application by 11:59pm on January 19th.

Appointed Official Position Descriptions

Chief of Staff 
Lead all staff in Governor’s/Lt. Governor’s Office and assist Governor/Lt. Governor in implementing policy & events.

Executive Assistant 
The main point-of-contact for Executive Branch. This position keeps Governor’s/Lt. Governor’s schedule, coordinates paperwork, assists in all other projects.

Press Secretary
Official spokesperson for program area, summarizes program area activities, presents activities and ideas to media, participate in press conferences.

Cabinet Member
Become knowledgeable about your department, testify to Legislative committees, and work with individual legislators to advance/defeat bills.

Deputy SOS – Legislature
Lead all staff in the SOS Office, Assist SOS in implementing policy & events

Deputy SOS – Elections
Facilitate all elections, lead staff in conducting elections, prepare all election materials

Press Secretary & Media Coordinator
Official spokesperson for program area, summarizes program area activities, presents activities and ideas to media, participate in press conferences. Coordinate filings for officer candidates, manage media points budgets, ensure that candidate ads are properly placed in media outlets

Conduct SOS activities as directed, includes but not limited to accepting filing forms, managing bill process, and conducting elections.

Manages movement of bills and makes all announcements to the body

Floor Leader
Manages the body from the floor, encourages debate, assists the Chair in making structural motions, etc. Fills in for the Speaker to preside as needed.

Assistant Floor Leader
Assists Floor Leader, assumes Floor Leader duties in their absence

Facilitates decorum in chamber, regulates movements in and out, assists with managing materials, and announces guests

Administrative Assistant
Assumes Secretary/Clerk duties in absence of Secretary/Clerk, provides overall support for administration of the chamber, coordinates relations with sister chamber

Committee Leader
Manage all meeting functions, paperwork flow, ensure that all voices are heard

Chief Presiding Justice
Lead all court staff in secondary courtroom

Presiding Justice
Sit as lead judge on hearings, train and assist student lawyers as they rotate onto bench

Court Administrator
Main point-of-contact for Court, types and publishes opinions, manages any case materials

Press Secretary
Official spokesperson for program area, summarizes program area activities, presents activities and ideas to media, participate in press conferences.

Preside over courtroom and manage all aspects of trial.

Press Secretary
Official spokesperson for program area, summarizes program area activities, presents activities and ideas to media, participate in press conferences.

Assistant Director
Lead lobbyists in the absence of the Director, assist with providing direction to Team Leads

Team Lead
Lead small team, develop strategies for committee and person-to-person lobbying

Press Secretary
Official spokesperson for program area, summarizes program area activities, presents activities and ideas to media, participate in press conferences.

Advocate for the positions of the assigned team/client, testify in committees, work with individual legislators and government leaders

Committee Chair
Preside over committee debate, manage paperwork flow

Manage flow of proposals and their rankings; ensure that proposals get to proper committees.

Press Secretary
Official spokesperson for program area, summarizes program area activities, presents activities and ideas to media, participate in press conferences.

Manager (TV, Radio, Newspaper, or Digital)
Supervise and direct team members; ensure that media area meets goals

Media Reporter
Speak and write clearly, ability to approach people to request info, conduct interviews, write stories, meet deadlines. Use good grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Present on camera or in audio format

Shoot news stories, edit stories for broadcast

Edits all packages from reporters/videographers into the master show

Host TV broadcast, write stories, help Station Manager determine story order

Closing Video
Write, shoot and edit closing session video, conduct interviews

Edits all packages from reporters/videographers into the master broadcast

Layout Editor 
Work quickly, attentive to detail

Copy Editor
Use correct grammar and spelling, use style guides, work with others to craft their writing and adhere to media standards


Digital Team Member
Write and post clearly, adhere to media standards, assist manager in running all digital platforms