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For over 135 years, the University Y has been a unique place on the campus of the University of Minnesota where college students have developed their character and leadership competencies needed to strengthen campus and community. Today in our rapidly changing society the University Y is as relevant as ever. The UY is a diverse and inclusive community of students across majors, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences. We welcome you to consider our programs to complement your college academic experience!

University YMCA – Providing College Students opportunities to serve-learn-lead with community – for 135 years!

2023-2024 Program Opportunities for College Students may be volunteer, work-study or for credit (academic dept approved)

Y College Achievers

Y College Achievers Program (Y CAP) provides holistic support and resources for first year U of M college students from underrepresented communities (including students who identify as BIPOC and/or first generation in their families to attend college and Pell grant eligible). This is an amazing opportunity for students looking for a community to be authentic in, while adjusting to college and preparing for careers.

Y College Achievers have opportunities to:

  • Receive support from the peers and mentors
  • Attend community nights for food, fun and resources
  • Learn to network while building a network - Y staff and professionals will be available monthly to support you and contribute to building your network!
  • Serve in the community and mentor young people
  • Develop as an authentic and cause-driven equity leader
  • NOTE* Page Education Scholars who join Y CAP are provided opportunities to serve youth up to 8th grade to meet scholarship requirements as well as other service opportunities.


Y Step N’ Stones

The Step N’ Stones social emotional and learning support program for young people was designed specifically to support youth and their recovery from time out of school including not being able to engage with their peers during pandemic quarantine time. In the Y Step N’ Stones program young people have the opportunity to engage with college mentors in the classroom and experience positive developmental relationships, mentorship, engage in problem solving and goal setting as well as receive homework/learning support!

Y Mentors

Y Mentors programs provide college students opportunities to mentor as a team. Students who qualify through the FASFA may apply work study funds while others may choose to volunteer. Opportunities to serve and/or lead the mentoring programs are available to students across all majors.

  • Adventures with Mentors - A team of College Y Mentors go weekly to after school programs with a new adventure each week. We will be doing a variety of activities through Y Mentor Adventures Imagination Stations. Each week we will have an opportunity to use our imaginations creating all kinds of fun activities, which could include creating and playing games, travel, nature, music, science, art, and even learning how to grow our brains !   It will be super fun using our imaginations together, come join us!

#Take 5 for Mental Health

  • Mental Health Education workshops promote youth-voice, promote creative [removed]photovoice with narratives) to dispel myths and destigmatize mental illness. Youth will practice destress activities with the team, learn about the facts surrounding the health of their brain and how to maintain wellness. Youth will learn about resources and how their voice can create change for self and community.
  • Y Just Chillin' events is a public health prevention initiative that provides college students an opportunity to develop and apply a variety of skills – from outreach on campus, to facilitating destress activities to leading focused conversations on mental health stigma. Some opportunities to serve youth will be off campus.
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid certification is designed to teach how to help an adolescent (12-18) who is experiencing a mental health or addictions challenges or is in crisis. YMHFA is primarily designed for adults who regularly interact with young people. The course introduces common mental health challenges for youth, reviews typical adolescent development, and teaches a 5 step action plan for to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics include anxiety, depression, substance use, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including AD/HD) and eating disorders.


Undergraduate Non-Profit Internships

All majors welcome! The UY offers a variety of project based internship opportunities to apply and grow strengths, talents and skills in a non-profit setting. Area of internships may vary, but all provide the opportunity to develop communication, collaboration and authentic leadership skills. Students may get University of MN credit for internships with department approval.

Graduate Student Public Health Education and Prevention Internships

Create and implement public health education and prevention service models to be shared in the community and with young people.

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