Add a water workout to your routine

Beat the winter workout blahs with water-based exercise

In addition to tackling treadmill boredom, a workout in the pool offers lots of benefits:

  • Water takes pressure off your joints
  • Water offers natural resistance to help with strength
  • Water exercise is fun

If you’re interested in trying a water workout, check out guidelines for using the pool and find a location near you. Once you’re ready to dive in, here are some ideas to get you moving in the water:

Get creative during open swim

In addition to swimming laps, you can try lots of different exercises to strengthen your muscles and your endurance. Check out sample workouts from:

Take a Group Exercise class

Drop in to a water exercise class at the Y—these classes are free for members. There are options in shallow or deep water, low-intensity and high-intensity choices, those that include dancing, walking and aerobics.

Challenge yourself with a Group Training class

These classes are available at select Y locations and require you to register ahead of time. Choose from:

Up your swimming game with lessons

Swim Lessons are available for all ages—whether your goal is to learn to swim or to refine your strokes. Lessons are available during the day, in the evening and on weekends. Or, you can set your schedule with private and semi-private lessons.