Wellness is a gift that keeps giving—and you deserve it.

Giving to others is good for you—and so is giving to yourself. Psychology Today cites that when you give yourself a gift, you reap the benefits of giving and receiving.

Whether it’s your birthday, the holidays, or just another Tuesday, treat yourself right with these wellness-inspiring gifts to yourself:

Rest and relaxation

To effectively tackle the demands of a busy life, it’s important to give your body the time it needs to recharge.

  • Sleep can help with overall health, weight control, memory and mood. Try 10 tips for better sleep.
  • Relaxation can help you stay positive, reduce stress and achieve happiness. Try these 6 ways to relax.
  • If sleep and relaxation are tough for you—it might make sense to start with a massage, which can help with both. Massage therapy is available at the Maplewood Community Center—Y members get reduced rates.

Time to learn something new

Whether you want to take up crafting, cooking or kettlebells—learning something new can make an impact on your mental health.

Permission to make healthy feelings a priority

Positivity and gratitude are two feelings that … well, feel great! Integrating these aspects into your daily life is a real treat:

A digital detox

Stepping away from the expectation to be connected 24/7 can help with better posture, more genuine connections to others and better sleep.

Peace of mind

Giving yourself space to quiet your mind and focus on your spirit can be a simple way to reduce stress. If you’re new to meditation, follow these steps to get started.