Make time to work out

Do a little spring cleaning on your schedule to work wellness into your life.

Spring is all about renewal, and is the perfect time to renew your commitment to wellness by ensuring exercise has a regular spot on your schedule.

Start by taking stock of your body’s schedule

You know your body best—when are you most likely to stick with plans to work out? If your day typically gets more hectic as it goes on, exercising first-thing in the morning is the best time. Maybe you get extra energized mid-day, so taking time for fitness over lunch is better. Or perhaps your body needs more time to get ready to work and evenings are your sweet spot.

Whatever your body’s natural rhythm is, consider using that as a starting point for when to look for time.

Be realistic about the time you have

Once you consider the engagements you want to keep for work and family life, look for openings in your calendar—and add workouts as appointments, just like you would for other areas of your life.

Taking time each week to consider when you’ll realistically have time to exercise can help keep you on track as your commitments flex each week.

Plan workouts that speak to what’s important to you

If convenience is king, try visiting a gym near your home, or set up your own gym at home. Or, amp up your workweek activity by checking into fitness offerings available at your office—whether a dedicated gym or a nice, tall stairwell.

If staying on trend is more your style, seek out classes that allow you to try new ways to workout. For example, you can now give stand-up paddle boarding a try with WAVE classes at the Y.

Maybe money is what motivates you. If this is the case, sign up for fitness options that require you to pre-pay—and if you don’t show up, you lose out physically and financially. Think—Personal Training sessions, specialty classes, hiring a babysitter while you go for a run and more.

Don’t fret if you struggle to find blocks of time

Every little bit of exercise counts, so if you need fit it in during small increments or while doing other things, that’s OK. Just add these considerations to your weekly plans.

For example: