The health and healing benefits of massage

Consider adding massage to your holistic health routine

Although often portrayed as frivolous pampering for the rich, massage has myriad health benefits—including reducing (and preventing) stress, pain and muscle tension.

Swift, a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker at the George Wellbeing Center, says, “There’s a perception that you're selfish if you take time to do good for yourself or your body, but massage is actually a way to be proactive about your health.” 

Who should get a massage?

Almost everyone can benefit from massage. People who come in for a massage often say things like:

  • I feel stressed
  • My back hurts
  • I have pain in my jaw/neck/knee/other joint
  • I am dealing with an injury
  • I have headaches all the time
  • I want to prevent possible injury

Studies have found massage to helpful for people suffering from a wide variety of conditions, from headaches and sports injuries to fibromyalgia and digestive disorders.  

How does massage provide benefits?

According to Swift, “When your body is in pain, you adopt patterns to stay mobile and continue your life. Those patterns can sometimes make things worse. Regular massage can help you get ahead of these patterns and gain perspective.”

Reducing stress—which can cause or complicate health issues—is another important benefit of message. Swift says, “Chronic stress is extremely hard on the body. Through massage, you can connect with yourself. It’s almost a meditation technique.”

Overall, Swift says, “Massage can help you flourish and thrive versus simply maintain in life.”

Services available at the George Wellbeing Center

The George Wellbeing Center providers practice a range of massage techniques including trigger point, deep tissue, sports massage, reflexology, prenatal, neuromuscular release, orthopedic and active isolated stretch.
To make an appointment, call 612-465-0468 or book in person—find the George Wellbeing Center on the skyway (second) level of the Dayton YMCA in downtown Minneapolis.

When you commit to a wellbeing plan at the Center, all of the services associated with your plan are 20% off. Additionally, financial scholarships are available to ensure everyone can practice self-care.