From fitness to fun, the Y can be a part of your new routines

Upon retirement, perhaps your goal is to spend more time working on your wellbeing. Maybe your goal is to move to a new city in order to be closer to your grandkids. Or possibly you seek to meet new people as you transition out of a workday routine. Common themes for many retirees include looking for new opportunities to provide structure throughout the day, and to socialize.

Amy McGarness, ForeverWell Specialist at the River Valley YMCA says, “Retirement is a time to spend time on yourself intentionally.”

The Y is a great place to build new routines for retired life, including:


The YMCA offers several ForeverWell Group Exercise classes—designed especially for those who are looking for moderate impact/intensity exercise, and to have fun while working out. If you are already an exercise regular or a former teacher and are looking for a new role, many Ys are often looking for instructors to teach ForeverWell classes, too!

“It’s never too late to exercise! Newer retirees are often young enough to make a big difference in their health by finding things that work to take good care of their body,” says Amy.

If you are new to exercise, meeting with a Personal Trainer can be a great way to learn about things like how to use equipment, how to use proper form and what workouts might be best for you. It’s also a nice way to maintain fitness if you have an injury or are rehabilitating because your trainer can customize a program that will support healing.

Through a combination of classes, working out on your own, or meeting with a Personal Trainer, the Y is a place where you can feel good and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.

Connecting with people

There’s a wide variety of ways to have fun with friends old and new at the Y, including:

  • Coffee talks on educational topics
  • Clubs for shared interests like walking, cards or playing games
  • Day trips to events and attractions
  • Breakfast or lunch gatherings

Check the newsletter or schedule for your local Y.


Giving your time and talents is a sure way to positively impact your own wellbeing. There are a range of ways to volunteer—whether it’s an ongoing commitment or a one-time opportunity at a special event or organized project.

Regardless of the activities you might choose at the Y, Amy suggests that you “Don’t overdo it. Start small. Sample things. And listen to your body!”