YMCA Youth in Government has a rich relationship with its alumni and friends.  If it’s been a while since you’ve connected with YIG, it’s time to come back!  There are many ways to stay in touch, even if you don't have much time ore aren't close by. 

Six Best Ways to Stay Engaged:

  • Connect with us: stay a part of Youth in Government through FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Visit the conferences:  Watch today’s students in action and see how Youth in Government has grown.
  • Spread the word:  Encourage teens you know to participate in Youth in Government programs.
  • Volunteer:  Become a conference advisor or program specialist, support or start a delegation, and share your knowledge and enthusiasm with a new generation of students
  • Stay in touch:  Let us know what you’re doing today and share your experiences; help us keep up with other YIG folks in your contact list
  • Contribute:  Give to YIG and pass on the gift of leadership to thousands of teens every year