Get started by setting yourself—and a friend—up for wellbeing success. It’s a smart financial decision that provides access to resources that help care for your whole self—body, mind and spirit. And? It’s a built-in reason to spend time with a friend on a healthy habit.

Membership with YMCA of the North includes:

  • State-of-the-art fitness centers
  • Pools, gyms and walking/running tracks
  • Free exercise and meditation classes, including virtual and in-person options
  • Savings on Y programs 

How it works:

  1. Although it’s not necessary to work out together, or even visit the same Y location, consider a friend that could be a good fitness buddy—working out with a friend does have its perks!
  2. Complete the form below referring your friend.
  3. A member of the Y will contact both of you to get your membership set up.
  4. You each agree to the promotion details (details below).
  5. Together, you receive a 50% discount on two adult memberships—a savings of more than $70 a month.

Get Started:

Complete the form below. All fields required.

Promotion details

By enrolling in the Young Adult (ages 19-29) Buddy Promotion, I agree upon the following terms and conditions of the promotion:

I understand:

  • Both my friend and I must be between 19-29 years old.
  • A 50% discount is applied to two adult memberships paid monthly by electronic funds transfer from a credit card, debit card or banking account. Both memberships do not need to be paid by the same card or account.
  • If one of us turns 30, or are no longer active and eligible members of the YMCA of the North, the discount will discontinue, and membership will revert to regular monthly dues.
  • If I am eligible for a health insurance reimbursement, that reimbursement can apply to my membership dues in addition to the Young Adult Buddy Promotion 50% discount. All terms and conditions apply for my specific health insurance reimbursement program.
  • The Young Adult Buddy Promotion cannot be combined with discounts (including, but not limited to) Personal Pricing Plan discounts or Corporate Wellness discounts.

The young adult buddy promotion is an ongoing promotion for as long as you remain eligible according to the above criteria. The YMCA of the North has the right to discontinue this promotion at any time for current or new enrollees in the promotion.