Health coaching and nutrition services at the George Wellbeing Center

The George Wellbeing Center located in the skyway in downtown Minneapolis is a great place to begin if you’re looking for support in reaching your goals related to health and nutrition.

Often when people are embarking on a goal related to health or nutrition, it’s tempting to take the path of a “quick fix.” At the George Wellbeing Center, you’ll experience a holistic model that considers wellness for your mind, body and spirit—not just the physical aspects.

Here’s a look at how to determine where you might want to start:

Health coaching

If you’re hoping to change your behaviors, it can be hard to do it alone. A health coach at the George Wellbeing Center can help you stay accountable, get perspective on your strengths and identify areas for opportunity.

All health coaches at the Center are nationally board certified by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching. Your health coach will be your partner in discovering lasting change that promote your health and wellness.

Nutrition services

If you’re looking to gain clarity on how to approach food and nutrition, a registered dietician (RD) or licensed nutritionist (LN) at the George Wellbeing Center can help you develop an individualized food plan. With nutrition services, you’ll get recommendations that apply specifically to your body, your relationship with food and your lifestyle.

At the YMCA, Personal Trainers can offer general nutrition information—working with an RD or LN at the George Wellbeing Center will go deeper and provide you with individualized and specific food plans.

Taking the first step

As a general guideline, a health coach can help you with overall behavior change and a nutritionist or dietician can help with issues related specifically to food.

If you’re not sure which service might be a better fit for you, book your initial consultation—it’s free—and together, we can help you determine a path that will best meet your goals. We’ll gather information on your health history and target your personal wellbeing goals. Based on this initial consultation, we can make a recommendation for the services and frequency that will make the most sense for you.

Visit us on the second floor of the Dayton Y on weekdays from 9am to 7pm or call us at 612-465-0468.