Help your students find the best fit for them

Follow these steps to figure out the easiest and best way to get involved with Youth in Government. Please contact the State Office if you have any questions in this process.

Step 1: Help Your Student Find the Right Program

Minnesota YMCA Youth in Government has five different programs. Only two of them (Model Assembly and Model United Nations) require you to be in a delegation to participate. If your student is interested in the Youth Conference on State Issues, the Conference on National Affairs, or the National Judicial Competition, please skip to Step 3. Please note that participation in the Conference on National Affairs requires them to participate in either Model Assembly or Model United Nations during the previous school year.

Step 2: Find the Delegation Nearest to You

A delegation is a group of students from the same area or school that work together to prepare for Model Assembly or Model United Nations. Please use our delegation finder to see if there is a delegation already operating near you. If so, click the pin for contact information for that delegation director.

Step 3: Contact the State Office to Get Involved

If there are not any active delegations near to you or if you would like to participate in a program that is not delegation-based, have your student get in touch with the YIG State Office. We can help them work with a local YMCA or school to begin a delegation or provide them with registration materials for one of the other programs.